The Native English Teacher (NET)

Mr John

  Hello every one! My name's Mr. John and I've been Hop Yat Church School's Native English teacher since 2015. I'm originally from England, but I've lived and taught in Hong Kong for around 10 years, and I love it here!

  When I'm not teaching I spend my time reading books, playing with my dog or riding my bike on Tai Mo Shan, but the one thing I like doing most is talking to my students! I'm a very talkative and friendly person; so whether you want help with English work or you just want to talk or play a game during break time, feel free to find me. I'm always happy to meet students, especially those I don't get to teach every week.

  I look forward to seeing you all in the near future, and hope to build some more great memories with you and the Hop Yat family!